Selling a Ferrari is easy. A buyer can touch it and feel the muscle of the car. The Glittering hood of the car is convincing itself. If the seller is talented, then he can spray such a perfume so that buyer also inhales that pleasant smell, creating another reasonto buy this car!

Selling a hotel online is not the same thing. You are trying to sell your hotel to a customer who is 3000+ miles away.


On the consumer end, it is not easy to decide because they need to buy something they can’t see or touch it physically. Before they can experience any of these products, they need to purchase it not knowing what the service will be like, how the staff will behave and how the full experience will be delivered.

Selling your hotel online is ensuring you create a real online presence visually and create an imagination that sells your hotel to your customer.


This, in turn, will prompt them to commit to making that purchase based on theobserved content and imagination created.

How To Create a Good Online Presence

There are three important thing for your hotels online presence.

1.Your Website

Your site is a treasured tool for your hotel’s online presence. It is your hotel’s digital face. It is the first place where the customer creates his first impression about your hotel. No matter where your customer ends up buying your hotel, example a group, corporate, OTA or anywhere else, they will come to your website to see further details like photos, information, phone number, etc.

Your website image has two aspects.

First one is technology and design.

The second one is your website’s management. How often do you update your web page? Can your customer easily interact with you via your website? Does your websiteinclude all the promotions that you apply in other OTA’s etc.? Managing your website also builds trust between you and your customer, an updated website does not make the client less valued, Let me give you an example. If you put a Chrismas message on your website and forget to take it off until Valentine’s day than what the customer see’s is your website is out of date messages and content. In such a case, a client will think that this website is not updated and there is no one taking care of this website so why should I buy from this website, Why should I even choose this hotel while there are a lot of other options to buy from.

1.1 What Good Web Sites Include?

1-) Beautiful and Modern User Interface and Design.

2-) Elegant and Big Font

3-) Video Background

4-) More Photo, Less text

5-) Must have CMS (Content Management System)

6-) Must be compatible with all devices like mobile, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc.

7-) Easy to Navigate

2. Photos

Photos are critical for your online reputation as well, and you need good photos for your website, OTA, etc. Your photos will give your customer an idea of your hotel, and your pictures will ensure the client will be aware of the product offering.

A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective. — Irving Penn

So, make sure you have Professional photos and consider this is a vital investmentbecause the return is big!

3. Reviews

One of the most important thing for your online reputation is reviews about your hotel.

Reviews will be part of your customers deciding factor and are critical to ensure this is focused on.

Reviews are important, and it will be proof of your service quality. It will be good and honest feedback from your customer so you don’t need to pay a lot of money for inspection companies. Take them seriously….


Responding to reviews are as important as reviews them self. So make sure you respond to your reviews professionally and avoid negativity as your response is not only seen by this guest but all potential guests.


Briefly, If you want to build a good online reputation you should put these on your checklist;

  1. Web Design
  2. Web Management
  3. Photos
  4. Reviews