Although most of the people believe that browsing online is a “given knowledge” and everybody, young or old, are familiar with the online world; many new sales researches have come across a completely different conclusion.
It is a fact that the number of internet users has grown rapidly the last 10 years but this growth depends on the continent, country, even city we are dealing with.
There are still rising economical markets where internet/online users have just started their first steps.
Those new users are searching, discovering and customizing their behavior according to their culture and needs .Their final goal is to incorporate as quicker as they can the knowledge they are lacking and follow the new trends that exist worldwide.
Some hoteliers/hotel marketers have an elite attitude that ignores beginners, thinking that going after the experts will make them exclusive, elite and big time players. This will usually backfire since you insult the beginners and have to focus on a smaller market.
Instead, treat beginners like royalty and you can then cultivate them into being loyal customers. The trick to doing this is creating “beginners navigation.”

Do not let the name fool you.
These navigation signs could be short or long, with or without direct links ,but one thing they all share in common is how detailed they are and how they can lead visitor into direct bookings.

“Why Simple is Scientifically Easier To Process: The reason less “visually complex” websites are considered more beautiful is partly because low complexity websites don’t require the eyes and brain to physically work as hard to decode, store and process the information.”

BookOnlineNow :”Easy to navigate – Great presentation – Designed for conversion”

Strengthen Guest Experience
• Customized to match the look and feel of the hotel’s unique website.
• Fully customized Design – Customize the header, the footer, fonts, colors, buttons.
• Image gallery for better guest shopping experience
• Multiple marketing emails with endless promotional opportunities
• Automatically adapted to a user’s browser in any desktop, tablet or smart phone.
• Interactive features such as Rates and Availability Calendars and Special Offers links that make searching for rooms simple