Brand recognition is when people simply recognize your brand based on logos, fonts, products, and other marketing materials. How can your online booking engine help you with that?

On default, all booking engines send predefined emails when a client is reserving a room or even when canceling or modifying existing reservations. Those emails are usually simple emails that have the on-default booking engine template and pre-defined content. What if you could use your own logo, your hotel pictures or even your preferred message in those emails that are sent to clients?

BookOnlineNow is taking under consideration the need for Brand Recognition in each hotel and it has enabled on default the opportunity to set customized Look & Feel to all the emails that are sent to clients who book direct.

BON customized Brand Recognition Emails can be set for:
• Confirmation Email: Contains all details of the client’s reservation.
• Loyalty Member Email: Information and acceptance for becoming part of the Loyalty Reward Scheme of the hotel or chain.
• Cancellation/Modification Email: Contains all details of the cancellation or modification done.

Sample of a hotel selected look and feel confirmation email:


Brand Awareness is when customers are aware of more in-depth aspects of your company, such as its culture, values, reputation, and quality.

Creating brand awareness is ideal because it makes consumers associate your brand with certain feelings, emotions, and desires. For example, if you have Spa Treatments at your hotel, you want people to immediately think of your hotel brand when they’re craving for relaxation, not just when they notice your sign out of the corner of their eye.

To drive brand awareness, you need to keep putting branded marketing materials out into the world. How can you achieve this with BookOnlineNow?

BON customized Brand Awareness Emails can be set for:

  • Pre- Arrival Email: Automated emails that can be sent from one (1) to twelve (12) days prior to the arrival of the client
  • Post Departure: Automated emails that can be sent from one (1) to twelve (12) days after the departure of the client

Samples of Pre & Post departure emails:

Branding your hotel takes time. Be persistent and consistent, and keep trying new marketing methods to get your hotel’s name and logo out there. Use identifiable color schemes, logos, catchphrases, and designs that fit your hotel’s overall aesthetic. Elaborate on the strategies that work, and learn from the ones that have floundered.

For more information on the tailor-made templates that our team can create for you contact BookOnlineNow Sales team email:[email protected] .