Is Your Booking Engine Responsive? A question that is normally raised by hoteliers to our sales team.

Of course, it is. That would be absurd. Every booking engine is expected to be responsive these days. Delivering anything less would be a crime towards your clients. Responsive design is the new minimum characteristic. It’s an expected human right, like shelter, food, water, and internet access.

From our point of view, it’s no longer a selling point when everyone is using it. And it ‘s not impressive if you have designed your Booking Engine lazily.

Desktop vs Mobile approach

BookOnlineNow design has followed a desktop-and-mobile-simultaneously approach. Neither one or the other got more attention. Both are structured so that our technical team could develop proofs of concept for each one of them as early as possible within the design process. Our experience showed us that the process of designing for big and small screens, touch and non-touch, can each uncover different design solutions that can then be adjusted to the others.

This is the main reason that we run different Booking engine versions for Desktops/Tablets and Mobile devices and we are proud for the conversion results of hotels.

The mobile experience is clearly different from the desktop experience, and therefore needs to be treated differently.

Having the same experience on desktop as on mobile, a typical “responsive” approach, is simply not good enough anymore. Each platform, either desktop or mobile, needs to be optimized for its users and their experience and cover their expectations.

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