Hospitality marketers already face myriad choices in how to reach their guests and targeted travel shoppers, whether through search, social media, display media, or email marketing. In addition, recent changes in how consumers access information only serve to compound this challenge. These changes have been driven by the emergence of new devices that allow consumers to access media and services where and when they want, using one — or more — of 3 key screens:

• PC (desktop or laptop)
• Mobile (3G, 4G, Wifi)
• Tablet computers (such as the iPad etc.)

This “3 screen” landscape offers a variety of challenges for hospitality marketers. However, the opportunities available to marketers due to this “anytime, anywhere” access to information far outweighs the downsides — so long as you take advantage of them.

According to recent research, nearly 90% of all media consumption every day occurs across these 3 screens. PCs, mobile devices like smart phones, and tablets have replaced newspapers and magazines as many consumers’ go-to source for information and entertainment. Your ability to reach your customers going forward depends on your ability to reach across these 3 screens at the right time to engage and attract potential guests.

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Because of the growth of multiple screens and mobile technology, the digital travel lifecycle now encompasses all steps in your customer’s journey, including:

1. Research. Guests discover options for where to stay.
2. Booking. Guests choose the property that meets their needs and reserve their stay.
3. Experience. Guests arrive on-property. Mobile and multiscreen allow effective marketers to reach guests on-property in ways that haven’t existed before.
4. Relive. Guests post photographs and share stories with friends and family on social networks, reliving their experience again and again.
5. Return. Guests engage with the property post-stay, increasing the likelihood of a return visit.
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Serving guests across 3 screens is not simple. As a result, making the transition from a “single screen” marketer will not happen overnight. Guest behavior will continue to evolve, as guests themselves grow more comfortable with multiple screens, retire some, and adopt others.

 Your marketing activities will likely need to evolve with those changing behaviors.
Nevertheless, great hoteliers already know how to listen to their guests and accommodate their needs at any given time. In a multiscreen world, “listening” and “accommodating” simply translate to:
• Using your data to drive your digital marketing decisions
• Targeting your activities to your guests’ chosen devices and goals
• Ensuring consistent messaging across devices, including email and exploring cross-device functionality.

While no one can predict whether guests will use their PC, smartphone, tablet, or a combination of devices to find and research their next stay, this framework enables you to find customers and accommodate their needs no matter how, where, and when they choose to connect, today, tomorrow, and in the future. This means to increase engagement and revenue for your property.

Hospitality marketers must continue to explore ways for guests to collect information as they move across devices. However, by monitoring your hotel’s website data,your booking engine advanced stats  and targeting your activities to the needs and goals that data suggests about your guests, you put yourself in a strong position to meet your guests’ needs, regardless of which screen they choose today or in the future.