Understanding Tripadvisor Marketing

Trip advisor offers many services for hotelier. I try to explain some of these services in this article.


What Is the Business Listing?

Trip advisor offers many services for hotelier. I try to explain some of these services in this article.

As you know, Trip Advisor began as a review site. This site’s first income model was its “Business Listing” service.

By paying a flat monthly and yearly fee to Trip Advisor, you can be a member of their Business Listing. Now, let’s go into the details through question and answer.

That’s Great, but What Happens When You Become a Business Listing Member?

1-) Information like your hotel’s website and telephone number are directly viewable on Tripadvisor’s site.

2-) You can manage modules like “Special Discounts” or “Announcements” from your control panel. Tools like these increase your hotel’s exposure.

3-) With the analysis tools it offers, you can view detailed statistics regarding those who visit your page.

4-) You can upload professional, floating pictures and respond to customer reviews.

5-) If all the tools mentioned above are managed correctly, it is said that it will have an affect on direct sales (telephone, mail, website).

How much does this service cost?

The cost changes depending on hotel. The hotel’s location, number of stars, and online traffic are some of the factors that impact the cost.


Trip Connect lists the price on your hotel’s website along with OTA alternatives such as Booking.com and Expedia. In other words, on Tripadvisor’s price comparison (MetaSearch) screen, your hotel’s official website’s prices are listed.

The prices on your hotel’s website are viewed in the Room&Rates section of the page, just like they’re viewed on the Tripadvisor page. (Look at the screenshot below)

Okay, But What Happens When You Become a Trip Connect Member?

TripConnect offers these advantages:

1-) It increases your direct sales.

2-) It increases your revenue.

3-) Your costs are reduced, because you are paying per click.

How much does it cost?

TripConnect is a pay-per-click system. In other words, you determine your budget. You can invest 50 $ or 5,000 $. You will be shown until your money is spent. Go as far as your money!

You determine your budget on an interface like the one shown below; you can see your budget’s estimated revenue.


Instant Booking is Trip Advisor’s newly developed revenue model. In other words, it is newer than the two models I mentioned above. If you really look at it, it’s the same as TripConnect. The only difference is this: It’s not pay-per-click; you pay commission based on realized reservations. (In other words, as Jessie J expressed, “When the sale comes first and the truth comes second”)


How much does it cost?

Instant booking receives 12% or 15% per realized reservation. You capture 25% of views when you pay 12% and 50% of views when you pay 15%.


Maybe I should have written this at the beginning, but I just thought of it! In order for us to use the latter two features, your booking engine needs to be compatible with these Trip Advisor systems. In any case, while registering, Trip Advisor will automatically check to see whether or not your system is compatible.