Call Center Feature Activated in all Accounts

Transform your reservations desk or reception desk into a professional voice reservations center!
BookOnlineNow call centre solution, designed exclusively for your hotel.
Have your dedicated reservation sales agents answer your incoming reservation calls and enter new bookings directly into your booking engine.
Save time getting rid of unnecessary email communication with your clients. Your call center agent has complete access to real time prices and inventory of your hotel and can make automatically the reservation requested for the hotel clients.
Combine unique deals and secret promos and increase your conversion from direct visitors of your hotel contact page. Check Analytics and full report of your agent performance and measure the impact your voice reservations have in your hotel’s revenue.
Secure your clients credit card details
Your call center agent does not interfere at all with guest credit card data as the booking procedure automatically is being done via our PCI DSS compliant booking engine, which securely stores clients credit card data.

How this benefits your hotel

  • Your hotel’ dedicated personnel is selling your property’s unique features and benefits, providing a superior guest booking experience and maximizing revenue per booking
  • Match each guest with the right room and rate ,analyzing live during phone call his needs
  • Support to identify trends and enhance your multichannel strategy
  • Secure credit card data of your clients