What are the ways to show country-wise different prices in local currency on your booking engine?

Hoteliers in several countries come up with this request/question when they actually want to serve their local market and cover a demand on their local currency without having to deal with exchange rates converters that change all the time and have an effect on the direct sales in their original market. In particular, they want to be able to control the ‘displayed-currency’ in specific rate plans while their main default sell currency in all the other rate plans handled is a different one.

A great example comes from the Egypt Market. Usually, the displayed default currency for hotels’ rates is $ USD. However, some hotels are in need of displaying to the market the same rate plans in £EGP without though the booking engine having to convert the $USD  to £EGP  – Their aim is to set on the booking engine flat direct rates in £EGP which should be shown via IP recognition only to Egyptian visitors.


BookOnlineNow, being a global leader among Online Booking Engines, has developed the Localize feature for hotels that do wish to control both ‘displayed-currency’ and ‘transaction-currency’ regardless which is the default currency they had initially used globally.


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