BookOnlineNow – Online Payment Suite

BookOnlineNow, through its new module called Online Payment Suite, is fully compliant with the new requirements of the PSD2 Directive while at the same time offers to hotels a complete solution for managing payment of all their online reservations, including both reservation via our booking engine and all reservations coming from OTAs through Channel Manager.

What Online Payment Suite (OPS) offers to Hotels?

Through BON OPS all charges of the hotel online reservations can be easily made through BON extranet. BON OPS can directly charge the credit card of any reservation according to its payment/cancellation policy.

What it offers:

  • BON OPS is fully integrated in BON extranet
  • Hoteliers can charge not only the reservations from the online booking engine but also all reservations receiving from OTAs through Channel Manager.
  • Hoteliers can charge a reservation anytime through our extranet with a one-click button
  • Hoteliers can add manual reservations and charge them through OPS.
  • Hoteliers can activate the OPS service only for specific users
  • Hoteliers can refund a reservation
  • Hoteliers can add a manual payment (either bank transfer or through Payment Gateway) by setting any amount.



  • No need for hoteliers to access credit card details and print them
  • No need for hoteliers to keep track of payments in files
  • No need for hoteliers to manually charge guest’s credit cards in their POS system
  • Hoteliers feel more secure since there is no risk to access credit card details
  • Hoteliers have a clear view of payments made, dates of payments and amounts to be paid for each reservation.
  • Hoteliers have a clear view of which reservations have been charged and which are due payment.
  • Hoteliers have a complete reporting tool with full reports of Completed Payments and Pending Payments for a configurable period, Payments Received per channel
  • BON OPS is compliant with all standards and Regulations (PCI-DSS, GDPR, PSD2)

If, for any reason, the credit card cannot be charged, then the system automatically sends a Payment Notification email to the guest asking him to complete the payment.


Payment Gateways supported by BookOnlineNow

BooKonlineNow supports the following Payment Gateways:

Paypal, EveryPay, CyberSource, Cielo, Mercado Pago, Ingenico (Ogone), iPay88

Below is a list of Payment Gateways in development process:

WebPay, Stripe, Iyzico , 2c2p

The European Commission’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is set to go into effect from 14 September 2019. This requires financial institutions such as banks, payment gateways and other third party service providers to adopt more secure forms of authentication and data transfer.  We’re working to ensure that all our integrated payment gateways and banking services are PSD2 compliant.

Reservations coming from OTAs

Either the OTA passes on the guest credit card details or the OTA charges the guest and issues a virtual card that passes to the Channel Manager. BookOnlineNow Online Payment Suite handles both options in a similar way as it handles direct reservations from the booking engine.

Payment Notification Email

If the guest’s credit card cannot be charged, the hotelier should change the status to “Credit Card Invalid”.

In that case, the system will automatically send an email to the customer requesting him to pay the amount through a Payment Gateway link or through bank transfer.  The Payment Notification email states how many days the guest has to complete the payment before the reservation will be automatically cancelled.


BON OPS gives guests the option to decide whether they want to pay the total amount of the reservation or pay by installments.

Installments can be configured only if supported by the Payment Gateway. If supported, the hotelier decides the minimum installment amount and number of installments.

Start Working with OPS – How to activate the service

The process is very simple:

  1. You activate the OPS module through our extranet
  2. You need to sign the OPS agreement
  3. You need to sign up in one of our supported Payment Gateways

The process normally takes no more than 4-5 working days, depending on the time needed to complete step 3

For more information on how to activate BON Online Payment Suite (OPS) please send us an email at or contact us directly at +30 210 9920411