If you search for accommodation on Google or Google Maps on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you will often see a special section on the first page, where Google displays a small map and lists various accommodation options – that’s Google Hotel Ads.
Potential guests from all over the world will see Google Hotel Ads when they’re looking to book a hotel like yours, and you’ll only pay when your ad generates a booking. Guests can check prices and availability on Google right away, and book a room there and then.
The bookings that you get from these hotel advertisements, Google will send them directly to our dedicated Booking Engine. You pay charged commission only to Google. Hence, you will receive direct bookings through GHA campaigns.

What if you do not join Google Hotel Ads?
There are millions of searches made for hotels on Google all the time. Then why not you enter with your own property to the Google Hotel Ads Commission Program and get more direct sales? That means umpteen potential bookings are there for you to grab though these ads, that you might miss if you are not enrolled.