Chatbots, WhatsApp together with Facebook Messenger are a real powerhouse and represent the future of Hotel Marketing.

Why chatbots?

In traditional online and social media advertising, we call “engagement” the click on an ad or the play of a video. Engagement via a chatbot, on the other hand, is an active real-time conversation with a user that is prepared to take an informed decision.

Hotels will now be able to provide a personalized customer experience through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


A personalized experience to increase Hotel bookings!


BookOnlineNow provides a service that opens new doors and creates new opportunities for Hotels. It allows Hotels to maximize the chance to personalize the engagement experience.

The great thing is that chatbots, Messenger or WhatsApp work inside your Hotel’s Official Booking engine , and customers don’t have to install any apps in order to take advantage of this feature. A now growing trend in retail digital experiences is the use of chatbots to engage users in conversational mode. Concerning Hotels, this opens a new world to implement already known services in a new way.

Your chatbot is an extension of your Hotel brand, Hotel brand booking engine, Hotel brand Messenger and voice. These are reflected on the small details like the name you give to your Hotel chatbot and the big details like the design of the conversation model your Hotel chatbot uses in order to interact with your customers.

Creating a pre-stay relationship with guests will definitely improve Hotel business performance in 6 different ways:

  1. Upselling and cross-selling: In an immediate return to the investment point of view, this new channel will allow you to smart sell additional services (“upselling” and “cross-selling”), like breakfast or another kind of Hotel activities.
  2. Guest Persona: By enhancing the relationship between hoteliers and guests, hoteliers will now have the chance to learn more about who their guests are and find out their needs, creating the opportunity to provide them with a fulfilling and unique stay experience.
  3. Personalized offers: Chat tools also provide other advantages, allowing Hoteliers to create personalized offers and present them in a simpler and effective way.
  4. Happy Guests: Having satisfied customers means, unsurprisingly, an increase in revenue. From extended stays to a decrease in cancellations, a guest that gets surprised with great service tends to spend more.
  5. Word of mouth: A happy guest also means great promotion and the best marketing tactic you can have. In fact, a satisfied guest is the key to a Hotel’s recognition and online reputation.
  6. Segmentation: In a Hospitality structural business perspective, this new tool will also give Hoteliers an operational advantage: to really get to know the guests’ profile, to have the opportunity to understand and adapt their offers to the guests’ real interests and needs.

It’s now clear that these new communication tools will allow to open a brand-new chapter in the relationship between Hoteliers and Guests. From a Hotel perspective it will definitely contribute to an increase in guest satisfaction and a better business performance. Hotel Chatbots and Messenger tools are the perfect match between hospitality, technology and online marketing.

Learn now more and ask your dedicated account manager on how you can activate it today!