Just because the traveler has made it past the “book now” button, doesn’t mean they’re completely sold on staying with you. Your booking engine must still continue to sell, while pushing them further and further into completing the reservation. Your booking environment shouldn’t be boring. Instead, it should reflect the unique character of your hotel and the essence of your hotel brand with the correct colors, text and layout.
Smart hoteliers are taking it one step further by embedding the same dynamic personalization technology in their booking environments as they have on their front-end websites. For example, if a visitor to the website spends more time on the meetings or business/corporate pages of your site, there is a strong possibility that she is a business traveler. Or, if a consumer clicks on all your F&B pages, he is telling you that food and entertainment are his hot buttons.
These web “behavioral” signals enable you to dynamically change the merchandising (photos, badges, reminders etc.) inside your booking environment, thereby reducing abandonment and keeping the consumer stimulated all the way through the actual purchase.

BookOnlineNow Tip:
Advanced Statistics
Get better insight into your business – Make Data-driven strategic decisions
Track and measure ROI on your online marketing campaigns (Retargeting, Google Adwords, Face Ads)
Target high return regional markets
Track device and visitor’s behavior and navigation
Insightful— Numerous performance reports and statistical tools enables you to measure and track the key metrics of your business and improve performance.

Marketing Tools
Lightbox Pop-Up window helps you advertise Special offers, packages, awards, local events etc, the first time a guest enters the booking engine
Special Offers section allows guests to directly see special offers gems. Decide which special offers will be visible to the guests.
Special Offers have their own specific link that can used by the guests to directly see the results of the Offer in the booking engine. Links can be shared to your website or to any promotional campaign
Email Retargeting: Bring back visitors who have abandoned the reservation process
Remarketing tool: Make special offers and rates to remarketing audience